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Flavour profiles

Stewed Berries, Red Currant, Lemon

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Farm information
Black Honey & Washed
Fernando Alfaro & Jose Enrique Gutierrez
Ahuachapan, Ataco
1,400 - 1,450 & 1,200 masl

Pathfinder is roasted to highlight the incredible terroir of the coffees it contains. We source coffees that are naturally sweet and complex to create a blend that is captivating and interesting. This version features 63% El Salvador Carmen Estate & 37% El Salvador Manzanal.

When cupping at the Carmen Mill owned by Fernando Alfaro, we found some incredible lots, including the Carmen Estate from Fernando’s Carmen farm. This coffee is a bedrock for the blend and is grown on the side of the hill country near the mill. The farm is covered in shade trees that restrict the amount of energy the coffee trees can take from the sun, causing a slow maturation of the coffee cherries, creating a deep sweetness that translates to a complex and vibrant cup. The black honey process this coffee underwent adds an increased vibrancy and deep sweetness, giving a lush stewed berry note to the blend.

Manzanal is one of a group of farms owned by Jose Enrique Gutierrez, spanning over five hectares. Although quite small, this farm contains five varietals including the bourbon that is being used as a part of Pathfinder. We first tasted Jose’s coffee at Fernando Alfaro’s mill in El Salvador and found the Manzanal brought a liveliness to the blend, increasing the acidity to produce a sweet and vibrant cup.

Brew ratio

1:2 dose to yield, extracted in 28-36 secs


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