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Wilfa Svart Uniform Grinder

Wilfa Svart Uniform Grinder
Wilfa Svart Uniform Grinder
Wilfa Svart Uniform Grinder
Wilfa Svart Uniform Grinder
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Introducing the Wilfa Svart Uniform Grinder. Revolutionising brewing at home.

Our days at The Roastery begin with a cup of coffee. Almost before the lights go on, the machine is warming and the batch is brewing, ready for us to start the day.

We believe delicious coffee shouldn’t just be the domain of roasters and your favourite coffee shops, so we’re excited to introducing this intuitive, easy-to-use domestic grinder to our curated selection home brewing equipment.

Following years of research, this innovative design features inbuilt precision scales within the lid of the vessel, with incredible 0.1g accuracy. This can be integrated with the Wilfa Svart phone app (compitable with Android & iOS), which monitors each variable of your brew recipe to ensure you consistently achieve the perfect cup. 

With a focus on quality and safety, this grinder also features 58mm stainless steel, stabilised large flat burrs for precise grinding every time and even extraction.

Featuring 41 grind settings, to cover off a range of brewing techniques from Espresso to French Press. This grinder is powered by an efficient DC motor that generates minimal heat, with an auto-stop sensor functionality, to ensure grinding ceases once the beans have passed through the vessel. 

Coffee included:
- 250g Colombia San Fermin beans

We recommend 60-65g of coffee per litre of water. Brew for 3-4 minutes.