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The Creator Series: Calum Heath

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The latest mural at Charlotte Road features the creative talent of Calum Heath. A graduate from Falmouth University now living in London, his work features social observation which captures human behaviour with surreal spirit and wit.

We caught up with Calum to discuss his approach to design and what inspired him to produce this piece of artwork for our coffee shop in East London.

1. How would you describe your style of work to someone who may not be familiar with you?

My style is based on observational drawing, but I'm also really inspired by taking drawing into a space where it's heavily manipulated; to create environments that are far removed from realism and everyday life, that can be captured by photography or video.



2. Where do you seek your design inspiration from?

I get inspired by people and drawing people from life. I also find inspiration from the work of other illustrators and designers around me. Often looking at how others approach creating things can open new doors.

3. What’s your background, and how did you get into art?

I originally played and was obsessed with football at school and as a teen but got into a band with my brother when I was 17 which turned my head more towards the creative process.

When the band started breaking up my focus fell fully on drawing and I think that's really when I really went for it with my illustrations. I had always drawn throughout my childhood, but it wasn't until quite late in my teens that I found my voice and style with drawing.

4. How did your collaboration with Origin begin?

The collaboration began through my connection to A-Side Studio, they alerted me to the possibility of creating the mural, and fortunately I was chosen to work on it.

5. What was your thinking behind the artwork for Charlotte Road?

I want to create something that has the feel of the surrounding area, and also reflect the range of activity that happens throughout east London. I have a studio just up the road in Bethnal Green, so I feel pretty alert to the area, and this was a perfect chance to put some of those ideas and thoughts into an image. Hopefully people are it the way I do!

I was inspired by the idea of larger scale characters interacting with the urban environment as a playground. I wanted to reflect the energy of Shoreditch and the feeling you get from walking around the area. This piece has a range of activity and a good level of madness and surrealism throughout, which is then balanced by the more naturalistic colour scheme. 


You can view more of Calum's work here

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