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Single use products and discarded by-products simply have no place in the world.

We don’t want any product, in part or whole, to come to the end of its life cycle; a cycle implies circular, and a circular economy is how we shape our operations at Origin.

To do this, we’ve examined our processes, looking for sustainable ways to transform what would once have been viewed as waste. From chaff to coffee sacks, each can - and has - been turned into a useful input material again. We believe these actions can help redefine practices, and change mindsets from linear, to circular, in the global economy.

"The coffee that Origin has donated has been gratefully received in the Bude community. It’s been offered to people using community larders across North Cornwall. To sit and share a coffee and have a sociable experience in a time of financial hardship has been a blessing, and a very welcome extra. A local coffee shop has been grinding Origin’s coffee beans and it’s been offered out in smaller bags for people to take home and enjoy. The coffee has also been served alongside cake to people waiting at Bude’s local repair cafe. It’s been a very welcome addition and a real luxury for many people within the community."

– Sarah, Bude Community Larder