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Aeropress & Grinder Travel Bundle

Aeropress & Grinder Travel Bundle
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The AeroPress bundle. Brew great coffee at home and on the move.

Set includes:
1 x AeroPress
1 x Compact Handgrinder
1 x Carry case
1 x 250g Bag of San Fermin (whole beans)
1 x Coffee Well Made home brewing guide

This AeroPress bundle is the perfect starter kit for brewing coffee wherever you may be, and comes complete with a convenient carry case.

The compact hand coffee grinder includes an adaptor so you can grind straight into an AeroPress®. This grinder is a great solution for grinding coffee "on the go" - for travel, work or even just at home.

Using high pressure extraction, the lightweight and robust AeroPress makes it easy to brew an incredible cup of coffee.

Please see our short film on brewing a great cup of coffee with the AeroPress here.

Direct sourcing and seasonality are at the heart of our positioning. Our team visits growers across the world in pursuit of coffee excellence; we develop direct trade relationships to ensure traceability and sustainability, as well as enabling us to offer the most incredible speciality coffees.

Our skilled roasters, based here in Cornwall, then apply expert craftsmanship to lightly roast the coffee beans to delicately enhance their natural characteristics. The stories and values behind each cup will ensure that, not only will the drinker enjoy amazing coffee, but they will be immersed in a world of speciality.

Please note that this bundle doesn't come in a presentation box. Please see our Gift Sets for boxed gift options.


We recommend 60-65g coffee per litre of water. Brew for 3-4 minutes.