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Latte Art Enthusiast Gift Course

Latte Art Enthusiast Gift Course
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A perfect gift for coffee enthusiasts with a creative flair. 

With impressive latte art being showcased in most speciality coffee shops, there's never been more interest in the skill behind it. In this session we'll be teaching the basics of milk steaming and getting the recipient to try their hand at some latte art, starting with a classic heart.

We have various dates available for them to choose from and will add in more as required throughout the year. The course can be taken at our Roastery in Helston, Cornwall or in our training lab in Shoreditch, London.

We will contact you after ordering to organise for a gift card to be sent to you or direct to the recipient on your behalf. The card will give details of the gift and a discount code for redeeming the course online.

We have also included an optional extra of a 250g bag of San Fermin filter coffee beans plus Origin 'All-over-it' tote bag for you to give on the special day.

(Max 4 people per course. No minimum number to run.)