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Prepaid Coffee Subscription - 12 Months / Monthly


Start a prepaid subscription and begin your journey through speciality coffee.

Prepaid subscriptions will automatically expire after the stated number of deliveries. If you have received this as a gift, you simply need to enter your code in your handwritten code on your gift card, at checkout.


  • Prepaid subscriptions automatically expire
  • This subscription will expire after 12 deliveries


  • You will not be charged at any point
  • A card is required for activation


  • You will only be charged once


  • A 250g from our Feature coffee subscription.Experience new coffee every delivery, based on season and crop availability.


See further subscription information below

What Coffee Will I Receive?

From Brazil to Kenya. Indonesia to Nicaragua. Our Feature subscription showcases different coffees from around the world each week, highlighting the outstanding skill of our sourcing partners. You’ll also explore different processing methods, learning how what happens at the farm shapes the flavour in your final cup. With 52 coffees available to enjoy over the year*, each week you’ll receive a different surprise in the post. 

*We will try not to send you the same coffee in a month, however there could be times when supply will mean we'll pick one you've had before.

How it Works

This gift subscription is akin to our feature coffee subscription, where you'll receive a new coffee with every send.

  1. Ensure you have chosen the correct prepaid subscription you've been gifted
  2. Choose your preferred grind size, and add the product to your cart 
  3. On the checkout page, enter your unique code from your gift card: this will zero the price
  4. Choose your preferred delivery address
  5. You will be required to active the gift subscription by entering your card details, but no money will be taken. This is a requirement by the subscription vendor
  6. Enjoy. Your subscription will now automatically pull through at your preferred frequency. We'll also let you know when you're on your final bag.

World Class Coffee

We work tirelessly in pursuit of coffee excellence. We strive to break people’s preconceptions of what an incredible coffee can be, where it can grow, or who grows it. This means always paying above Fairtrade, building sustainable relationships, and championing positive change. 

With close to 20 years of experience in the industry, we realise we're in a privileged position. And with our Director of Coffee, Freda Yuan, a world-class Cup Taster (3x UK Champion) steering our coffee programme, we're more than ready to keep leading the way for the future of speciality coffee.