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Published, Nov 12, 2019

Origin Espresso Blends.

Celebrating 15 years of good coffee. With producers, pickers, sorters, rakers, washers, dry millers, cuppers, roasters, trainers, baristas…with you.

We’re concious that a ‘classic cup’ of coffee is personal to the individual savouring it. This formed our thought process behind our three espresso blends, that represent three different ideas of what an espresso blend should be. 

Adding depth and complexity, they form the bedrock of our coffee portfolio and showcase countries of Origin, processing and terroir. The coffees sourced to comprise each blend are picked to complement and enhance the flavours of each crop, with an expertly crafted roast profile that tastes delicious both with and without milk.



Our core idea behind Pathfinder was to create a blend that was intensely sweet and interesting. We envisaged this blend as a delicious guest or house espresso option, that was a showcase of a coffee as sweet as it was tough, that captured the vibrant, fruit forward character of the crops used to create it.

We roast the blend to highlight the incredible terroir of the coffees it contains, bringing them together to create a blend that is captivating and unique. Pathfinder has a fruit forward character, with a jammy sweetness, vibrant acidity and defined berry-like flavours.

We’d recommend this blend as a great option for espresso without milk, particularly if offering two espresso options alongside one another – with the profile behind this blend developed to shine through when brewed as espresso or an Americano brew.

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With Resolute, we wanted to create a no nonsense, classic idea of coffee. No matter its contents, we aim for the blend to taste of dark chocolate, with a defined nut character and with a big, comforting body. Resolute was created to be the bedrock of that classic morning latte or irst shot of morning espresso. A familiar, steadfast brew that signifies that classic flavour experienced from your first sip of the day. 

Resolute works hard with or without milk. Displaying a subtle and well balanced acidity and consistent flavour profile year round.

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In Stronghold, our intention was to build a classic cup with deep rooted, intense traditional flavours. Celebrating our roasting style combined with incredible tasting coffees from Brazil – taking the natural flavours and enhancing them to create a bold, sweet and intense cup with a low acidity.

Our roast profile for Stronghold creates a darker, more traditional roast than our other blends, with a low acidity. Our current iteration is comprised of 40% Brazil Mariano, 40% Brazil Das Almas and 20% Brazil Sāo Joāo. We drew upon three of our trusted long-term sourcing partners, Ricardo Barbosa (Mariano) for bass toned richness, Virgulino Muniz (Das Almas) for dark sugar sweetness and Osvaldo Bachiāo (Sāo Joāo) for complexity. 

This blend is great for brewing with milk for a smooth, comforting cup or as a classic, dark espresso. 

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