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Chemex 6 Cup Glass Handle

Chemex 6 Cup Glass Handle
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This 6-cup Chemex pour-over is a simple and beautiful way to brew filter coffee. For us, brewing should be a ceremony, and with the Chemex it really is.

The Chemex is a beautiful glass vessel made of non-porous glass that doesn’t absorb odours or chemical residues. This new addition to the Chemex range features an elegant glass handle which adds to the stunningly simple aesthetics. This Chemex has a capacity of 30oz, so brews around 850ml of filter coffee.

The Chemex drip method with bonded filter papers effectively removes sediment for a clean cup of coffee.

Please note that filter papers are not included. We stock round non-folded papers as we feel that the process of folding is all part of the brewing experience. You can shop filter papers here.


We recommend 60-65g coffee per litre of water, brewed for 3-4 mins.

Please see our short film on brewing a great cup of coffee with the Chemex here.