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SCA Barista Skills Professional | Cornwall


This module is for highly experienced baristas who have completed Intermediate level. Ideal for Head Baristas looking to provide in house training or to start competing at a professional level.

From becoming an expert on extract to advanced latte art patterns. Learning more on the variables of coffee storage and expanding your knowledge on coffee roasting. The SCA Barista Skills Professional course is the final step for baristas on the coffee career journey.

See extra course details below and available dates and times through the 'book now' link.

    How it Works

    All courses now include the SCA certification and enrolment fee in the price.

    1. Choose your preferred date, time and course
    2. Enter your SCA number in the notes (if you don't have one, you can create an account for free - here
    3. Complete transaction
    4. Once confirmed, an Origin Coffee AST trainer will officially enrol you into the SCA course (this can take up to 5 working days)
    5. Your Origin AST will contact you to confirm the timings and location of your course.
    6. That's it. You're all booked and ready for the next step in your coffee journey.
    Course Structure
    • The science and evaluation of extraction
    • Roasted coffee storage variables
    • Roasting and its influence on flavour
    • Milk science
    • Advanced latte art
    • Cafe management
    • Advanced barista equipment evaluation
    • The course will be taught from our Roastery cafe location in Porthleven
    • Get directions - here