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Published, Apr 25, 2023

Live: Barista – London

Located in the British Library on Euston Road (King's Cross) or Scoresby Street, Southwark you will join an exceptional team of baristas who pride themselves on delivering outstanding quality without compromise. As one of many customer-facing roles for Origin, the focus is to serve our coffee with an ultimate level of confidence, an extension of our excellence and part of the Origin team continuing to drive standards.

People come first, and this role is as much about face-to-face communication and relationships as it is about barista skills. Passion comes from your expertise in speciality coffee and love of customer service. Depending on the day of the week or time, you will be working with your talented colleagues or holding the fort. Being behind the bar is your forte, and a sense of pride in yourself, your workplace and Origin makes anyone’s interaction with you an experience and part of our ambition to build customer loyalty.

We have a rigorous career pathway, and so you will be expected to demonstrate your skill level, we will work with you and take you on your career journey, developing and investing you. We love continuous improvement and anyone who works for us we discuss what this looks like for you.