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Published, Mar 23, 2020

Espresso Machine & Grinder Shut Down Guide

For our customers temporarily pausing their businesses, here’s a guide to shutting down your espresso machine and grinders. By going through these steps you’ll be able to get back up and running as smoothly as possible once this is all over.

La Marzocco PB Black

Until then, keep safe and we’ll see you on the other side of this.


Turning Off

  1. Clean your machine in line with a standard deep clean.
  2. Where possible, drain remaining water from the machine. Although we appreciate this not the most practical, it is the ideal solution for upkeep.
  3. Turn your machine off.
  4. Return (ideally weekly), turn your machine back on and wait for it to reach user temperature.
  5. Run water through all the group heads for approx. 2 mins and purge the hot water tap for 10 seconds several times. Whilst this is happening you will see the water level on the sight glass drop and then you will hear the pump engage. This will fill the boilers with fresh water and ensure the water filter remains usable. Repeat 2/3 times – water filter manufacturers recommend after a break in operations exceeding two days, the cartridge should be flushed with a minimum of 4-5 litres of water to ensure its longevity.

Turning On

  1. Turn Machine on and wait for it to reach user temperature.
  2. Run water through all groups for 5 mins. This is very important as it rinses the water filter feeding your machine. Whilst running water through the group heads, you should also engage the hot water tap several times. This will drain the steam boiler and ensure no water is left sitting.
  3. Dial in as usual.

If your machine hasn’t been used for more than 4 weeks you will need a replacement filter.



Turning Off

  1. Deep cleaning recommended, emptying the chute of any coffee is essential.
  2. Turn off and throw any coffee from the hopper.

Turning On

  1. Purge one dose through the grinder, dial in as normal.

A Mythos grinder will take around 30 mins to heat up, which will affect shot time.