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Published, Mar 30, 2022

Porthleven Food Festival 2022

Porthleven Food Festival is a showcase of the Cornwall events calendar. Celebrating some of the counties finest food & drink, the festival which takes place on April 22- 24 around the stunning Cornish seaside harbour is not to be missed. Whether you're exploring different street food vendors or taking a seat at the Chef's Theatre, you'll be met with a culinary experience to remember.


This year we'll be much closer to action with our new Roastery location, and will be hosting a hive of activity including wood-fired brunch, cocktail-making classes, coffee tasting sessions and more. Some sessions are bookable to please reserve your place to avoid disappointment.  


  • From 10am, Wood-fired brunch from Kaupeka
  • 5pm, Cocktails on the courtyard
  • 7:30pm, 'Where Land Meets the Sea' Sit down feast from Kaupeka - book here
  • 11pm, Close 


  • From 10am, Wood-fired brunch from Kaupeka
  • 10am, Latte Art Course - book now
  • 1pm, Cocktails on the courtyard
  • 5pm, Food served by Homage to the Bovine (no booking required) 
  • 11pm, Close 


  • From 10am, Wood-fired brunch from Kaupeka
  • 12.00, Workshop from Phillieigh Way, 3-hour bookable cookery workshop  - book now  
  • 1pm, Cocktails on the courtyard
  • 5pm, Food served by Phillieigh Way - booking link to be uploaded shortly
  • 10pm, Close 

There are no tickets this year but the festival is non-profit and relies on donations to secure its future. Please support the festival and donate - here