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Published, Nov 30, 2022

Sidra Varietal; Showcasing World Class Coffee from Colombia

This coffee is grown using the highly regarded Sidra varietal. Complex and silky, Eden is an indulgent cup, perfect for the Christmas season.

Like many varietals, Sidra has something of a mysterious parentage history, and while its roots aren't certain, its award-winning status and remarkable flavour profile is certainly well known. 

It's likely that the varietal, which shares similarities with Ethiopian heirloom varietals, does not have a clear genetic profile, but in fact claims its identity through several varietals that farmers refer to under the same name. Sidra has a similar cup profile to Ethiopian heirloom varietals: floral, fruity, and beautifully sweet. No matter its backstory, one thing is certain: Sidra makes for an otherworldly coffee—and we're delighted to share it with you this season, through Eden. 

Despite their father’s belief that growing coffee was not profitable, Carlos and Felipe returned to their roots, sourcing an incredible location, close to their childhood home, specialising in only exotic varietals. While coffee production might seem a world away their early careers in civil engineering, the brothers’ approach to planting nods to a clear understanding of science and nature. The nutrient-rich, volcanic soil has been well utilised, with planting calculated to optimise notoriously low-yield, high-care varietals, such as Sidra.

Fermented in a dry aerobic environment for 24-hours, then moved to a grain-pro bag to ferment for a further 50 hours in temperature-controlled conditions, Eden is the remarkable result of a careful process from start to finish. Loaded with notes of apricot and clementine, this Christmas Special Edition is a prime example of the renowned sweetness of Sidra. 

Eden is presented in packaging illustrated by the exceptional artist, Chris Rogers. Alongside his highly collectible, self-published books, Fall, Mule, Souvenir, and The Bone Yard Ballet, Chris works for a coveted client list who recognise him as an artist unwilling to compromise his process and aesthetic with digital shortcuts. For Eden, Chris concentrated on mark making and patterns rather than such a prescriptive image. The result? An out-of-this-world design that beautifully encapsulates the tasting notes of the coffee within. Get ready to discover Eden.