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Published, Mar 16, 2018

Special Editions - What Makes Them Special?

Three years ago we started our ‘Special Edition’ series out of wanting to showcase some of the worlds most celebrated coffees. Over the years we've heard of incredible coffees that would make a lot of noise in the industry; the pinnacle of what coffee can be. These coffees offer crystal clear flavour, which captures the producers' skills, the land and the varietals that they originate from. These coffees radiate their terroir in the truest sense.

During our travels we've tasted many elusive coffees, which have had a profound impression on us. They've demonstrated what can be accomplished by a master artisan in their field. These coffees at the pinnacle of what can be achieved in the industry, and as expected are in incredibly high demand. It's because of this, few roasters will consider approaching them.

We grew tired of only telling stories of the great coffees of the world and wanted to start sharing them instead with baristas and home brewers alike. We wanted to ensure that every time we boarded a plane or got in the back of a pickup truck, that we approached new coffee we discovered with with a heightened sense of respect and eagerness to share regardless of cost. The great work of a farmer should earn an equal reward.


Ever since we launched our Special Edition series, we have witnessed incredible success at cafés around the country. Here baristas have been able to share coffee with the public, which has never been served in the UK before. It has been exciting to realise that a producer is able to create something so special and there is an audience who will support it.
This year we are going to feature more than ever, including our first ever Special Edition from Colombia at the end of March - a geisha varietal from La Negrita. This will be followed by an experimental geisha from a lot at the same farm, which has been fermented using organic tartaric acid. This unique method of producing coffee is incredibly exciting and demonstrates a future where producers have even greater control over the quality of the final cup.

Beginning in August we will start releasing one of these incredibly rare coffees on a monthly basis. This means that each month baristas and home brewers will be able to share and enjoy a new coffee that is utterly unique and utterly incredible. We hope that this means we can continue our journey of ever increasing our work with the best producers around the world. Expanding and developing our commitment to the ideal at the heart of speciality; that coffee is worth it. It’s worth the extra mile and the extra work. That truly great coffee, made by people who care that are committed to quality will make something that will be not only delicious to drink but will capture the people, cultures, and places that it comes from. When that happens it's worth celebrating - it’s worth appreciating. 

La-Negrita-GeishaLa Negrita Geisha, Colombia

The reason this series has, and continues to feature so many geisha coffees is due to the sought after nature of this varietal, it's incredible flavour and the catalyst it provides for demonstrating how great coffee can taste. We aim to introduce new varietals and experimental methods in future. Watch this space as we create a selection of the most sought after and awarded coffees in the world.