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Published, Oct 29, 2018

The Creator Series: Hart Miller Design

Name: Hart Miller Design
Town: Penryn, Cornwall
Founders: Anna Hart and John Miller
Instagram: @hartmillerdesign

Hart Miller Design are a design practice working on interior spaces and furniture for hospitality, education and workplace projects. The studio was formed by Anna Hart and John Miller who have been invaluable friends and partners of Origin, helping to shape all seven of our coffee shops in Cornwall and LondonWe spoke with Anna to discuss their approach towards interior design, and the inspiration behind our new coffee shop on Scoresby Street in South London, which opened its doors to the public earlier this month.

Can you describe Hart Miller Design to someone who may not be familiar with you? 

As an interior and furniture design studio our ambition is to create rewarding interior spaces – places to be enjoyed. Our work is focused on people - we seek to create memorable, engaging experiences which enhance and contribute to our client’s ambition.

Where do you seek your design inspiration from?

We’re always curious – inspiration comes through many forms – it can be simple everyday moments, or bigger experiences. As a group of creatives, our collective inspiration melds together - each project being an opportunity to think afresh, a new way of interpreting things.


How has living in Cornwall influenced the work you produce?

As a place, Cornwall influences our attitude which in turn influences our work. Being in Cornwall motivates us all to work hard and to do a good job – we choose to be here but we don’t see that our work should be limited to our locality – we work locally and nationally, and our influences are global.


How did your collaboration with Origin begin?

Huge credit and thanks here to Alex and Ross, founders of graphic design and art direction practice A-Side Studio, who have been responsible for the Origin brand. A-Side introduced us to Tom in 2011 when you were moving in to The Roastery and we’ve designed every space you’ve taken on since.


What was your thinking behind the interior design at Scoresby Street?

Working with Origin has always been about working with each individual building; starting with the architecture and making that a part of the story. For Southwark, we were delighted to have the railway arch which in itself is a big design feature.

We wanted to retain the sense of space this created for the café and balance that with creating a more intimate dining environment. In its simplest form the space needed to be ‘a great place to hang out; drink coffee and enjoy food’. We know there’s a lot that an interior can do to influence that experience. Our ambition was to retain the original industrial feel but bring a softer human scale to the space through materials and furniture, a rich palette, both visual and tactile.


What’s next for Hart Miller Design?

We take great pleasure in the diversity of our projects. Now in the studio we have juxtaposing projects underway - a Japanese influenced spa here in Cornwall and a work place project in the Thames Valley alongside some continuing roll-out hotel work which is phased throughout this year in to the Spring. Keep an eye on our Instagram @hartmillerdesign for sneak peeks.

Hart Miller Design are based at Rosemanowes Quarry near Penryn in Cornwall. If you have a project you’d like to discuss, you can contact them here.