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Published, Feb 02, 2023

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

From the ritual of your morning brew, through to moments shared with friends, the love of coffee plays into some of our most cherished daily experiences. Whether you’re a fan of Valentine’s Day or not, we’ve rounded up five gift ideas – for yourself or loved ones – that celebrate each occasion.

Origin Coffee Gift Box



The experience of enjoying a coffee is, above all, a sensory one. Taste, scent, and touch come together in the vessel you pour into and serve from. We all have that special mug or cup that we reach for. A gift from a loved one; an old favourite that’s always first to be picked.

Perhaps it’s the feel of it in your hands; the shape and size; the memories that surface every time you use it. Aesthetically or emotionally pleasing, the tactile pleasure of the right vessel for your coffee plays a subtle but certain part in connecting you to your coffee. From hand-thrown, Cornish clay ceramics and handy stacking mugs in modern, muted tones, connect your senses and style with our range of drinks vessels—perfect for gifting, all year round.

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Ceramic coffee cup



Patience, precision, curiosity, and knowledge are applied as you weigh, grind, brew, and drink your coffee. It’s the space and time that is carved out, respecting the ritual, that many fall in love with when brewing and enjoying a coffee. Invest in the ritual with brewing equipment that brings out the best of your experience.

For easing into the morning, we love the simple quiet and focus that comes from weighing out the coffee for our brew. Our range of scales are tried, tested, and trusted for accuracy and ease, providing a professional experience from the comfort of home, whether you’re brewing for espresso, or pour-over.

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Selection of coffee brewing equipment, including coffee scales



In the staff room. In your living room. At your favourite coffee shop. From heart-to-hearts to long-overdue catchups, there’s no denying the comfort to be found in reaching for a pair of coffee cups in your kitchen, or placing an order over the counter, with a friend by your side.

From the failsafe espresso blends you share when you meet for a Saturday morning coffee, to the single-origin beans delivered straight through your letterbox, coffee lies at the heart of many a long-lasting friendship. Set yourself up with a coffee subscription so there’s always coffee on hand for impromptu visits, or send your best friend a gift subscription to let them know you’re thinking of them.

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Two friends sitting outside an Origin Coffee shop



There are some things that always sit on our list when packing our bags. For the morning commute. The weekend getaway. The camping adventure. Wherever we go, we seek coffee out, and bring it along for the journey. A hard-wearing, style smart drinks tumbler isn’t only practical for making day-to-day sustainable choices but adds to the pleasure of travel. Brew and go as you head out the door in the morning; stop for a refill at your favourite coffee shop, and keep it with you for wherever your weekend takes you.

Alongside reusable cups, tumblers, and even carry straps (ideal for hands-free travel, festivals, and hikes) to make travel effortless, we always leave room in the bag for an AeroPress Go. The smart carry-case doubles as a cup, and with the same capabilities as the classic model, this portable brewer is a campsite essential, packed alongside a smart hand grinder and a fresh bag of coffee, of course.

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Self-care can come in many simple forms; for us, brewing coffee provides us with a moment to recharge or relax. Whether it’s with a book, coffee, and a quiet corner, or ensuring you’ve got a fresh filter brew ready to help you start your morning, take a few minutes out of the day, and make time for you.

Whether it’s five minutes away from your home-desk or setting aside a Sunday afternoon to do whatever you like, set up a corner of your kitchen as a dedicated brewing-space, where self-care takes centre stage. From the ease of a French Press to the precision of the Chemex we’ve got a range of equipment designed to help you fall in love with the experience of brewing coffee at home.

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Chemex coffee brewer