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Published, Jun 18, 2019

Our Ongoing Approach to Sustainability

Sustainability is a critical part of our ethos. We follow a Direct Trade sourcing model which ensures a high level of corporate responsibility in sourcing and supply chain management. 


Last year we released our first Roastery Sustainability Report. It was a demonstration of our commitment to the highest levels of corporate responsibility. To triple bottom line sustainability. At home as well as in our sourcing practices.

Our inaugural 2018 report was a marker in the sand. It outlined our work energy consumption and emissions at that point - as well as data gathered from 2016 and 2017 - and the measures we intended to take to reduce these.

This report is the annual follow up. It shares the steps we’ve taken, looks at our 2019 carbon footprint vs previous data, and lays out our next steps for continual improvement. As with the 2018 report, this isn’t fully comprehensive, but we’ll continue to build on it over time.

These reports have been compiled and written by our EMEA qualified Sustainability Officer.

Download 2019 Environmental Report

Download 2018 Environmental Report