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Our Ongoing Approach to Sustainability

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Sustainability is a critical part of our ethos. We follow a Direct Trade sourcing model which ensures a high level of corporate responsibility in sourcing and supply chain management. 


Our pursuit of sustainable working practices is, of course, key here at home in the UK too (which is why we employ a qualified Sustainability Officer – we’re not just about lip service, we’re serious about being a sustainable business). As Origin grows, so too does our energy consumption and emissions so it’s really important to us to have clear intentions for their management and reduction. That’s the purpose of this document. Here we establish our current energy usage and emissions and put in place measures to reduce them.

Following a first audit at the Roastery in 2016, we’ve collected data for 2017 and 2018. 2016 has been used as a base year for comparison. We show how our usage of various aspects has changed since 2016, likely reasons and recommendations for the next year. It aims to provide a summary of where we are in terms of using natural resources and emitting Carbon Dioxide. A ‘Carbon Footprint’ has been calculated to quantify our impact on the environment.

It’s not fully comprehensive – we’ll keep adding to it over time – but it’s a marker in the ground, clearly demonstrating what we’re working to achieve. We plan to update this on an annual basis, keeping a close eye on consumption and emissions and keeping on track to ensure management and reduction.

Download 2018 Environmental Report

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