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Published, Feb 18, 2020

Our Partners

Shining the light on some of the incredible partners we work with. We will be adding more to the list in the weeks to come.



A-Side Studio have been with us since the beginning, all the way back in 2004.

Their brand direction and input has been an integral part of our journey over the last 15 years. Owned by the super talented duo of Alex Rowse and Ross Imms, them, along with their team of creators are continually pushing the boundaries of design through digital and print.

See Their Work



Dor & Tan's hand crafted ceramic cups have become a firm favourite at Origin.

We aspire to work with the best creators and innovators and there is none more so than Dor & Tan - the St Ives based team have are responsible for some of the beautiful crockery at our retail locations in Cornwall and London.

Visit Dor & Tan



La Marzocco are one of the leading coffee machine manufacturers in the world. 

They have a reputation for developing machines that not only combine cutting-edge technology with performance, but have sustainability central to their design. Through working closely with them over the last 10 years, we have seen first-hand how their internal culture is shaped by sustainable innovation in 3 key areas; people, environment, equipment.

Learn More about La Marzocco



Carvela is one of our largest export partners.

Working directly with 4,500 producers across 8 different countries in Latin America, Caravela are an an integral part of each community that it works in. Each year they invest in cupping labs, dry mills, drying infrastructure and education to support farmers and mill owners.

Learn More about Caravela



The Estate Dairy provides the milk for our locations across London.

Matching traditional milk methods with the latest in dairy processing, The Estate Dairy puts sustainable farming at its core. From laboratory analysis to an in-house quality control programme, their team of expert ‘dairy’ scientists ensure that the milk produced at their farms across the UK, is consistent and high quality.

Learn More about The Estate Dairy



Our electricity supplier provides us with 100% green electricity.

From their fleet of windmills and sun-mills, Ecotricity provides our locations across Cornwall and London with energy that comes 100% from renewable sources. They use the money from our energy bills to invest in new sources of green energy, developing sustainable projects such as new wind-farms to make a genuine difference.

Learn More about Ecotricity