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Published, Jun 07, 2023

London's Most Popular Coffee Orders

It comes as no surprise that for many of us, a good day starts with coffee. According to the British Coffee Association, the UK drinks approximately 98 million cups of coffee per day. With the demand for coffee higher than ever, and a broad offering of coffee options available to consumers, we took to finding out just what the most popular coffee orders are, looking to the UK’s capital.

Flat white being poured

London is the largest commuter hotspot in the country and home to four of our coffee shop locations. Highly accessible when it comes to ordering a coffee, with a mixture of tourists, commuters, and those that call London home, the city is the perfect location to study the most popular coffee orders.

Taking data from all of our London coffee shop sites, we analysed sales from March 2022 to April 2023 to determine the city’s most popular coffee choices. From our findings, we have highlighted the most popular coffee orders and variations, including the most popular time and day of the week to grab a coffee. Here are our findings:


Most Popular Coffee Orders in London

 Most Popular Coffee Order Percentage
1: Flat White  37%
2. Latte 19%
3. Cappuccino 15%
4. Batch Brew 9%
5. Long Black 9%
6. Espresso 6%
7. Other 5%


In first place, the flat white is London’s most popular coffee order. This choice made up the highest amount of our coffee orders throughout the year and was most ordered at our Shoreditch cafe. It is no surprise that the flat white has come out on top as the most popular coffee order. The 6oz pour is a combination of espresso and steamed milk, making a great morning drink for commuters in the city.

Following in second and third places are the latte and cappuccino, which received  19% and 15% of orders over the last year. Both offer a greater ratio of milk (or dairy alternative) to espresso, ideal for those who want to enjoy a larger hot drink; with these coffees, it’s all in the texture of the milk steamed to accompany the espresso


We also analysed the popular order variations seen throughout our coffee shops in London, and we found the following:

The most reusable cup orders: Southwark

39% off all reusable cup orders came from our Scoresby Street location in Southwark, with customers doing their bit to help us reduce the need for single-use cups and making takeaway coffee a convenient, eco-conscious choice.

The most alternative milk coffee orders: Shoreditch

Whilst 36% of our all alternative milk orders came from Shoreditch, the highest across all of our coffee shops in London.


Origin Coffee Shoredtich


As part of our research, we looked to see when the most orders were placed, checking for popular times, and days of the week.

The most popular time of the day to buy a coffee: 10-11 am

Our sales data revealed that the busiest time of the day across our London coffee shop locations is 10-11 am. Whether people are starting work later, making time for a mid-morning coffee break, or looking to enjoy a coffee after an early morning activity, 10-11 am is the prime time for buying a coffee in the city.

Most popular day of the week to buy a coffee: Saturday

Ready for a coffee after a long week, Saturdays are the most popular day of the week for people to buy coffee. Saturdays are typically a day to catch up with friends and family or enjoy some time out with a coffee and something to read.


Interested in taking a trip to one of our London coffee shops? You can find more information about our coffee shop locations here