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SCA Brewing Professional | Cornwall

SCA Brewing Professional | Cornwall

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This module is for highly experienced baristas who have completed Intermediate level. Ideal for Head Baristas who are looking to provide in house training or to compete at a professional level.

3 day. Course starts at 09:30

Origin Coffee Roasters, The Roastery, Wheal Vrose Business Park, Helston, Cornwall, TR13 0FG 

Maximum of four people on a course. No minimum number for courses to run.

If there are no suitable dates showing, please contact us for further information.

Course Outline:
By-pass charting and flavour.
Grind particle size and its effect.
Influencing brewing parameters. 
Water quality and its effect.
Holding methods and their impact on quality and flavour.
Roasting and its effect on flavour.

Learner Number:
Please note that a learner number will be required to attend this course and can be organised through visiting and clicking 'Become a Learner' to begin the registration process. It is free to register.  Please state your learner number in the notes when checking out and bring it with you when attending the course.

SCA Certification Fee: 
The Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) is the globally accredited organisation that represents coffee professionals all over the world. This course is included in their SCA Coffee Skills Program which consists of six specialist modules. If you choose a certified course, you will earn 25 points towards your SCA Coffee Skills Program. Please state your member number in the notes when checking out and bring it with you when attending the course.


  • 4 practical brewing tests and a written exam (35 questions with a pass rate of 80% required).
  • As of the 20th August 2019, written exams will now be taken online. After completing the course, you will receive an email within 5 days that includes a link to the written exam. You will have 21 days to complete the exam and will be notified immediately of your result.

Certification mandatory requirements: 

  • Completion of Brewing Skills Intermediate module.

What do I need to bring to the course?

  • Learner number
  • SCA member number (Only if certified course selected)

Order notes:

Please state the following in the notes when purchasing the course:

  • Learner number
  • SCA member number (Only if certified course selected)  

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