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SCA Sensory Skills Intermediate | London

SCA Sensory Skills Intermediate | London

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This course is aimed at professionals who look to implement some quality control within their business and gain some more structure to their cupping practices.


2 days. Course starts at 10:00.

SCA certification fee: 
€180 (optional) 10 points earned towards SCA Coffee Diploma.

Different sensory tests and their application to coffee.
Considerations setting up a sensory panel.
Green coffee quality control.

Certification & Learner Numbers:
Four short practical test and a written exam (25 questions with a pass rate of 70% required). Testing is incorporated into the course time.

Please note that a learner number will be required to attend this course and can be this can be organised through visiting and clicking 'Become a Learner' to begin the registration process. Our customer services team will contact you to establish your learner number in readiness for organising your certification following the course.

Origin Coffee Roasters, 65 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch, London (EC2A 3PE)

Maximum of four people on a course. No minimum number for courses to run. If there are no suitable dates showing, please contact us for further information.