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Published, Oct 11, 2023

Our Coffee Programme

When it comes to showcasing exceptional coffee, our coffee programme is designed to bring you a carefully curated collection of the very best, throughout the year. Always in pursuit of coffee excellence, we travel the bean belt – and beyond – to showcase some of the world’s finest speciality coffee.


We work closely, building lasting relationships with producers and exporters, exploring terroir, process, and varietal; respecting every stage of the journey; understanding seasonality, challenges, and opportunities. Read on to learn more about how our coffee programme works, what we offer, and why.


Within our mainstay collection, you’ll find espresso focused coffee; coffee that brews brilliantly for filter; coffee blends; and single-origin coffee. Our mainstay collection is our core range, developed and available year after year, giving you the chance to get to know some exceptional coffee, and enjoy the reassurance of a finding and enjoying a consistent brew. Coffees in our mainstay range are great for office and home subscriptions, and for the pleasure of experiencing a regular tasting profile, every day.

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One of our most popular blends, Resolute is full-bodied, comforting coffee that makes for a classic, consistent cup. Easy drinking, with notes of chocolate, caramel, and stone fruit.

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Strong pays respect to a darker, more traditional roasting profile, offering up beautiful sweetness, and no acidity. This blend – with tasting notes of dark chocolate, fudge, and brown sugar – is the result of friendship and trust, a celebration of direct trade partnerships, and exceptional coffee from Brazil.

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Brimming with character, Pathfinder honours the roads less travelled. This sweet, vibrant, and fruitful blend is loaded with notes of citrus fruit, berries, and chocolate.

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Mainstay Collection


Beija Flor champions the rise of womxn in coffee production, and a more inclusive landscape. This natural process coffee from Brazil is produced by four remarkable womxn. With notes of apricot, cashew, and praline, this coffee is delicious as espresso, or partnered with milk.

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Meridian was introduced to our evolving core coffee collection at the beginning of 2022. The already popular mainstay blend is an online exclusive, with an approachable profile of chocolate, brown sugar, and plum. While seasonality means that the countries of origin, and the producers, may change, the components will remain carefully considered to maintain the same tasting profile.

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Many of our mainstay coffees have been formed through long-standing relationships with exceptional producers. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Fernando Lima for over 12 years – both on components for our coffee blends as well as numerous single-origin feature releases and limited special edition releases. Bolstering our single origin offering within our mainstay collection, Santa Elena provides an outstanding example of speciality coffee from El Salvador; a natural process coffee that highlights showcases the sweetness of the Bourbon varietal.

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We release one decaf at a time in our collection, which changes with seasonality: we source our decaf in the same way as all our coffee, often supporting some of our oldest friendships, seeking out balanced, versatile tasting profiles. Our decaf coffee is single origin, and just as delicious in a flat white, as it is as an AeroPress brew. Versatile and dependable, we seek out coffee that will benefit from the decaffeination process and how it influences the final cup.

Learn more about how coffee is decaffeinated


Our feature coffees are single origin, sourced from some of the most progressive producers around the world—sometimes from the same farms and people who cultivate coffee for our mainstay collection. There are feature coffee releases from producers we’ve never worked with before, in countries new to our exploration, and there are feature coffees we’re delighted to bring back year after year when seasonality and crop allow, sharing much loved favourites with subscribers and new customers alike.

Our feature coffees are roasted with the intention to be brewed any way, making them versatile and accessible to all, opening the world of speciality coffee and the potential to explore some of the most exciting landscapes of coffee production. These coffees are sourced and bought in smaller quantities than our mainstay range; when launched, they sell fast, which is why we introduce a new feature coffee every week. Often, these smaller quantities are bought as a result of smaller, experimental cultivation, and help us minimise wasted coffee product.

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Our special edition releases sell out fast—and with good reason. These releases (at least six a year) aren’t just about Cup of Excellence scores and small crops. They’re not just about exclusivity, or rare varietals. Each special edition coffee is released to highlight and celebrate partnerships, experimentation, collaborations, and terroir. And, of course, they showcase exceptional coffee, cultivated and produced by some of the most remarkable people in the speciality coffee industry. From award-winning crops, to releases that mark occasions, people, and events, our special editions provide an opportunity to support the incredible work of farmers and producers, celebrating them in style.


Within our mainstay collection, you’ll find a mix of exceptional blends, as well as single-origin coffees—but what do these mean for your cup?

Single vs Blend


Among our mainstay collection, as well as feature releases, you’ll find plenty of single origin coffee on offer. Among these, are firm customer favourites, like San Fermin, and Los Altos, that come from a single producer, crop, or region; these are sourced time and time again through nurtured relationships, purchased season after season. Alongside these, we release weekly feature coffees, that we will buy in smaller lots, offering a chance to discover new landscapes, exploratory processes, and interesting varietals. Like everything we source, these single origin coffees are of the highest quality, with high cup scores as standard.

What is a single origin coffee? Learn more here.

Single Origin Coffee

Discover our single origin coffee range.


Our coffee blends are sourced and roasted with consistency and quality at their core. These are the types of blends you’ll find in the hopper at some of your favourite independent speciality coffee shops, providing a reassuringly familiar, great-tasting coffee all year round. Our roasters create recipes that mean that, when the components change, due to the seasonality of coffee, the tasting profile remains the same. When you’re after a regular, well-rounded cup of coffee – perhaps your go-to to start the day – then a coffee blend can be the perfect choice for a reliable, everyday brew.

What is a coffee blend? We’ve got the answers here.

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